Niger Delta Scholars Italy

Autore: Theodore Amanfo

ISBN: 9791256160815
Copertina flessibile;
Pag. 142



The book ‘Niger Delta’ provides an in-depth analysis of environmental challenges in the Niger Delta region in Nigeria. Focusing on issues such as inadequate infrastructure, water resources, healthcare, and education, it explores sustainability as essential approaches to contemporary challenges through scientific developments, the transition from agriculture to the industrial revolution, and indigenous knowledge. The book stands out for its unprecedented awareness of intending to base future solutions on scientific knowledge. Finally, Theodore Amanfo’s personal note, a geologist deeply concerned about global water conditions, adds a human touch, inviting readers to reflect on the necessary actions to preserve our planet. ‘Niger Delta’ is not just an environmental investigation but a call to action to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. 

Theodore Amanfo, PHD in Geology, is an African geologist who graduated from the University of Siena in 1985, specializing in natural sciences. He has focused on the environment of the Niger Delta and in addition to successful academic pursuits, Theodore courageously provides lectures in Italy about the Nigerian territory, engaging families, students, and tourists from around the world. His commitment is documented in the book, highlighting various personalities from different nationalities, languages, and cultures, many of whom have lived in Nigeria and worked in high-level diplomatic missions in the foreign affairs commission.


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